SMS Marketing

SMS Pricing and Details


Non Masking Price


Non Masking Price

Non Masking SMS without your Brand Name.

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Masking Price


Masking Price

Masking SMS with your Brand Name. (Sender ID Maximum 11 Characters)
Allow users to Identify Message by the Branded name.

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SMS Marketing Requirement:

  • Masking / Sender name / Phone no(11 characters)
  • SMS text
  • Target Group

SMS text character limit:

  • English SMS : 1-160 characters- 1 SMS, 161-300 characters- 2 SMS, 301-440 characters- 3 SMS
  • Bangla SMS:1-69 characters- 1 SMS, 70-133 characters- 2 SMS, 134-200 characters- 3 SMS

Some important information:

  • All number with delivery report (2 number will replaced by XY)
  • Undelivered report
  • Failed Report
  • You can ensure your SMS marketing from the report or visiting our office or from response.
  • We do not provide mobile number
  • We do not sale mobile number. We only send sms by using our software and server.
  • We can operate the SMS marketing from anywhere.

Payment Procedure:

  • 100% Advance Payment
  • Payment will be made to “Insert Technologies” account payee check or cash.
  • Client must provide all content with work order.




Bank Information:

  • Name of Bank : ICB ISLAMIC BANK LTD
  • Address of Bank : UTTARA BRANCH
  • Account No :
  • SWIFT Number :
  • 5% Supplementary Duty (SD) +15 % VAT on price inclusive of SD will be applicable


Terms and Condition:

  • Masking: Special, SummerOffer, EidGreeting, etc
  • Bangla SMS is working only for non masking.
  • You can not cut any vat or tax or any charge from our bill & we will not provide you any vat or tax documents because Mobile operator do not provide us those documents but cut the full bill with vat and tax.